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Soul blink 3, MiVu - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Limited Edition


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Shipped from Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia
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Packaged in cardboard box

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Soul blink 3
cm 70x70
Price 500 €

The digital graphic work entitled "Soul blink 3" from the serie of works "After the Dot" is a continuation of the author's multi-year research into the relationship between technology, identity and human spirituality. The works are "digital collages" composed of vector graphics, glitch art elements, interfaces of various computer programs and elements from the digital world taken from our everyday technological reality. The message of the artist is summarized in the title with the aim of encouraging viewers to reconsider their attitudes in the context of the interrelationship of identity, spirit and technology, especially in terms of the development and use of artificial intelligence. The aim of the works is to point out the constant unconscious "shifting" from the virtual to the physical (and vice versa), which takes place in fractions of seconds (blinks), and which assumes new forms of communication, where important ethical questions are inevitably imposed on us.