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Casa d’Arte San Lorenzo - T.O.E. Art Market

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Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo

San Miniato, Italy
via Gramsci, 119/a

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About the gallery
A gallery born twenty-six years ago, in 1995, from a fortunate encounter of four different but related personalities who created an extraordinary short circuit: Paolo Bacchereti, Patrizia Barlettani, Roberto Milani and Antonella Tabani. Together they have created this particular gallery, and have set themselves the wonderful goal of making art accessible to everyone, of making it easily accessible. How many of us have been frightened by an exhibition of contemporary art or by the entrance to a museum? How many of us have decided not to enter these places because we have felt inadequate and unworthy? Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo breaks down this wall. The objective of this gallery: communication, communication to fall in love with beauty. So Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo decides to leave its fixed four walls and take its works of art around Italy and the world, to important tourist resorts. Why this choice? During the year, between work, family, commitments and gyms, how many of us have time to visit an exhibition? How many of us have time to simply talk to a gallery owner to ask him a question, to investigate the work of an artist? I think very few. So Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo takes "art on holiday". Away from the frenzy of everyday life, many people stop to admire a painting, enter the gallery, ask for explanations, information about the artist and, why not, over a drink, let themselves go, giving their own personal interpretation of the painting, which is new and interesting. In a simple and friendly context, new ideas, new interpretations and above all new relationships and friendships are born. It is love at first sight between a person and a work of art. This gallery can be defined as a witness and intermediary of this new love affair. This love affair is also thanks to the passion and expertise of the gallery owners, who are prepared and ready to give advice to future buyers, guiding them to the right purchase and the right investment. It is thanks to all this work that thousands of new collectors and art lovers have been born, who would not exist without this gallery.
In recent years Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo has also collaborated with the most important names in Italian art criticism and journalism, and has worked with historians and curators of the calibre of: Alberto Agazzani, Marco Bazzini, Anna Caterina Bellati, Rossana Bossaglia, Chiara Canali, Dino Carlesi, Mimmo Di Marzio, Luigi Meneghelli, Enrico Paolucci, Ivan Quaroni, Alessandra Redaelli, Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Giorgio Segato, Vittorio Sgarbi, Cristina Trivellin, Maurizio Vanni, Stefano Zecchi, Igor Zanti and many others...
He has collaborated with Museums, Bodies, Foundations and Institutions such as: Uffizi Museum - Florence, Tuscany Region, WWF, Grandi Stazioni, Italian Consulate in Miami, Villa Demidoff - Florence, GH Design Museum - Turin, City of Milan, City of Florence, Schola del Tiraoro e Battioro - Venice, Palazzo Pretorio - Cittadella (PD), Venice Biennale, Palazzo Senato - Milan, Marciana Library - Venice, Palazzo Grifoni - San Miniato (PI), Lu. C.C.A. Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Galleria Civica d'arte Contemporanea città di Arezzo, Chiostro del Bramante - Rome, Museo Tecnico Navale - La Spezia, Casa di Dante - Florence, Art Center Miami (USA FL), Fondazione CARISMI - San Miniato (PI), Cà dei Carraresi - Treviso and others.
A huge amount of work is also done daily by the staff to increase and enhance the artistic proposal. A gallery that has always been dedicated to the discovery of young talents and the enhancement of the great Masters of the 20th century. It constantly promotes the painters and sculptors in its stable through important exhibitions and events. A relationship of mutual esteem and trust is created between the collaborators of Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo and the artists, where in many cases the latter ask the former for advice in order to obtain new stimuli and to enhance their artistic career.
A close-knit group where comparisons, discussions, ideas and debates give rise to wonderful work experiences, but also personal ones.
A gallery that feels to all intents and purposes like a "house of art", a place to meet, to share between their collaborators, their clients, their artists and above all their friends. A place where art is loved and is loved.