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Water DNA, Audrius Grazys - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Audrius Grazys
United Kingdom

Represented by: RadoArt Gallery
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Shipped from London, United Kingdom
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Water DNA
Oil on canvas /2021
cm 80x90x3
Price 1550 €

About the artwork
Magic of water.

About the artist
The painter was born in Kaunas in 1963. Has Master’s degree in Arts. Painting section. (Vilnius Academy of Arts). Audrius Gražys is a member of the Lithuanian Artists Association since 1992. Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. „The Lithuanian painter Audrius Gražys appears as one of the most prolific and original visual artists of his generation. A painter of nearly classical precision and discipline, he also possesses masterful brushwork and quite a sensitive touch when employing numerous elements of artistic expression. An abstractionist painter who never fails to achieve a subtle equilibrium of the logical, strict form and the mystery of human existence, Audrius Gražys seems to be an artist with many faces. We are inclined to think that an artist should be permeated by a single creative method or approach, yet the fact is that the most interesting and puzzling artists often come up with a chameleon-like ability to break the rules of the game and destroy the illusion of their predictability. This is especially true of Audrius Gražys. .......................................... Audrius Gražys’s art ranges from abstractionist representation of the fragments of human existence to the volatile and bright colours of mundane reality to beautiful, daring, and sparkling eroticism. A deeply nuanced and rich combination of moderation and hidden passion, his painting is at best when exposing human tensions, ambivalence, ambiguity, and vulnerability. The impossibility of a dream come true, yet the triumph of a beautiful isolated moment of life with a trace deliberately left on the fabric of human sight and perception – this is Audrius Gražys with his carefully hidden sensitivities elegantly subordinated to the form of his diverse art.“ Leonidas Donskis
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