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Vase, Vladimir Milanovic - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Vladimir Milanovic

Represented by: Gallerie Reflektor
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Shipped from Užice, Serbia
Shipping costs: 150 € international

Packaged in cardboard box

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limited edition digital print / 2019
cm 70x100
Price 650 €

About the artwork
Vladimir Milanovic’s oeuvre is wholly based on strategies of a literal appropriation of iconic pieces from the history of art in the form of reproduction and their recombination with the most diverse contents from the field of mass media found on the Internet. The Milanovic’s digital works were constructed on his exploration of the multiplicity of modes of diverse co-existential thematic and chronologically distant contents parallel with the examination of the potentials of modern technological processes in the field of graphic media. Formulated as a sum of citations, the newly created images are produced by the introduction of digital photographic images taken from the history of culture and art in the space of modernety. Historical images and other classical genres are displaced from their original historical-cultural-political frameworks and reanimated by creating a tension between different realities that continue their life in a multiplicity of interpretative networks. The heritage of cubism (collage) and the avant-guard line of Dadaism-Surrealism-Constructivism (and photomontage procedures) with and appropriation of content, are based on play and laws of randomness with elements of social satire and irony. In Vladimir Milanovic’s case the production of hybrid images implies manipulation of the material by computer processing and incorporation of new contents from the sphere of pop culture or current contemporary phenomena.

About the artist
He graduated (2003) from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (Printmaking Department) where he also obtained Magister of Arts (2008) and Doctorate in Arts (2014). At the University of Arts in Belgrade he obtained the Magister degree in Digital Art (2009). He is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and author of sixteen solo exhibitions and participant in numerous collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has been awarded for his work at international exhibitions of contemporary printmaking.
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