Valley of Fire DSR8179, Andreas Hürlimann - T.O.E. Art Market
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Valley of Fire DSR8179, Andreas Hürlimann - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Andreas Hürlimann

Represented by: LDXArtodrome Gallery
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Valley of Fire DSR8179
Real photo print on aludibond
cm 80x120x1

About the artist
Andreas Hürlimann was born on 13th September 1960 in Zurich (Switzerland). On the one hand he holds a PhD in Medicine (Dermatology), on the other hand he has worked as an artist since 1978. As a professional art photographer, he has been traveling all over the world for more than 40 years collecting material for his abstract works. His first photo-art- portfolio was published in 1979. He lives and works in Zurich. Andreas Hürlimann is particularly interested in surface structures, the effect of different light conditions and monochrome color compositions. In everyday life, nature’s abstract wealth of detail tends to get lost because people often generalize, categorize and schematize them much too quickly. Hürlimann succeeds in slowing down this viewing process. The photographic references to the beauty of nature encourage meditative looking, the appreciation of enigmatic shadow plays, patterns and structures. Daily and seasonal times make the same motifs appear in a totally new light. Hürlimann’s art is to capture the familiar in a strange, unique, abstractly exaggerated beautiful mood, so that nature itself is given a new value. Andreas Hürlimann has won several art prizes and can look back on a lively exhibition activity with various solo and group exhibitions. Since 2019 he is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery at international exhibitions.
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