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the growth, Pia Kintrup - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Pia Kintrup

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Shipped from Düsseldorf, Germany
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the growth
C-Print mounted on alu dibond, framed in a black shadow frame, 2020
cm 100x66x2
Price 2865 €

The theme of my open series is the impact of borders and ultimate control of information in places that creates a parallel world. These sceneries are artificial settings and constructions which create conflicts within our everyday life. The control of areas which are excesses examples for staging, an imitation of the reality, and natural structures, especially in still lifes, are essential aspects of my research and experimental practice. The whole series is build-up like the story in a novel, where the reader receives slow, considered drips of information about a place or a planet, the reader didn't know before. The images are points of a net, which creates a jigsaw of visual information. The different parts are evolving a metaphorical place of imagination. The issue is to create a photographic, mixed media installation that brings a new perspective about universal themes such as control, staging, surveillance, and value. The images of this series and their presentation form quote the complexity and diversity of photography as a media. Edition: 2 + 1 AP You´ll find installationviews on www.piakintrup.com