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The BlueHour IV, Elena Marinou - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Elena Marinou

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Shipped from Athens, Greece
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The BlueHour IV
Digital Photography / 2022
cm 50x70
Price 600 €

"The BlueHour" In this series of my photographic artworks, I am more interested in the possibility of rendering the intensity of the shadow than that of light, in terms of painting plasticity. I focus on the drama that emerges from their relationship, having in mind Rembrandt - although here we have no action but the stillness and indifference of things - and Caravaggio, in order to portray the tragedy of modern life, violence, the annihilation of freedom, dignity and culture that we mistakenly believed we possessed. Beyond a comment that emerges from the harshness of reality and the collapse in the darkness of what we took for granted, my image deals with the invincible transcendence of the human spirit and nature. It stresses the contemporary situation and at the same time resists it by sinking into the blue semitones of the blue hours, the twilight. Through an abstract process, the information vanishes as it is dragged into an abyss, retaining only the minimal and necessary elements that characterize the subject and the space around it. In some cases, subject and space, conquer the non figurative by leaving behind what defined them and by setting aside their identity, they are transformed into something different, captured by imagination. The forms that remain as a visual trace are loaded with an ontological essence. They soften and flow in a constant movement as they break their own stillness, dragging our gaze into them. As Honore de Balzac writes in The Unknown Masterpiece: “To me, whiteness is revealed beneath the density of the most impenetrable shadow!”