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The Blessing of the Animals, Ann James Massey - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Ann James Massey
United States

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The Blessing of the Animals
Oil / 2017
cm 43x58
Price 170000 €

The Blessing of the Animals is an homage to the presence of animals, family, and spiritual support in my life, plus to the techniques, compositions and art traditions of the Primitive Flemish Masters. Always, we rest on the shoulders of those masters who came before us. Like all my work, this painting is created entirely by hand with no mechanical means. Though the setting is my church in Paris, the American Cathedral, the painting is not an exact recreation even while retaining most of the elements of the cathedral including the multiple lighting sources. Emulating those masters and for compositional consideration, I've altered perspective and scale to make the image more pleasing to the viewer's eye. Though some people and animals from past services been incorporated, the majority are drawn from decades of my own source material. Utilizing the techniques of the past, including grinding my own paint, my first layer is a burnt umber rendition followed by three layers of color and final scumbling and glazing. Painted on mahogany board and though almost 60 centimeters wide, it is basically a miniature and was eight years in the making.