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TAO, Emanuela Camacci - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Sculpture

Emanuela Camacci

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Shipped from Roma, Italy

Packaged in cardboard box

Sculpture and mosaic in limestone and mixed materiasl / 2021
cm 17x35x31

My personal tao. A symbol that I wanted to interpret and to which I finally gave shape. I loved finding the two different textures, a duality that I find dynamic and changeable. A tao where the two forms clasp and compensate each other, an expression of the primacy and absolute centrality of the universe and reality. Il mio personale tao. Un simbolo che ho voluto interpretare ea cui finalmente ho dato forma. Mi è piaciuto trovare le due diverse texture, una dualità che trovo dinamica e mutevole. Un tao dove le due forme si abbracciano e si compensano, espressione del primato e della centralità assoluta dell'universo e della realtà. Technical Sheet The work is carved from a block of limestone from Majella mountain. Small pieces of stone are fixed on a part of the sculpture.. The stones I used are quite soft and with the characteristic of hardening externally over time to form a harder external layer.