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Synchronicity 6, Enrico Pezzoli - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Drawing

Enrico Pezzoli

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Shipped from Bologna, Italy
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Synchronicity 6
digital drawing, fine art giclee print on hahnemuhle photo rag ultra smooth paper /2020
cm 60x80x3
Price 1200 €

According to psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and Quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, synchronicity is a phenomenon that unites psyche with matter. It is the key factor to demonstrate how the universe, based on such duality, is structured for life and awareness. Synchronicity is expressed when an event coincides with a thought or a state of mind, when a real interaction between mind and matter emerges, this coincidence of events in space and time goes beyond pure chance, it is rather due to an interdependence of objective events or to objective events synchronic with the subjective state of the observer. The universe can be understood as a constant interconnection between matter and spirit made possible by the archetypes of the collective unconscious (a theme dear to Jung), the collective unconscious and his archetypes are what put a psychic state in synchronic communication with an event in the world of matter. I tried to visualize a series of synchronicities where the world of matter merges with that of the spirit through elaborate symbolic archetypes.