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Sunset on Demand, Michel Winterberg - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Sculpture

Michel Winterberg

Represented by: a-space
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Shipped from Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Shipping costs: 200 € international

Packaged in cardboard box

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Sunset on Demand
Mixed media, interactive virtual video / 2015
cm 42x58x11
Price 5000 €

About the artwork
2/3 +1AP editions. Mixed media, interactive virtual video. Sunset on Demand enables an instant sunset at a keystroke. By pressing the push button in the ancient painting frame, a new seascape is generatively and virtually created. You can determine the natural law of a sunset yourself, in an instant. The viewer can watch the sun set over a two-minute time lapse in the virtual painting, which has a picturesque character and watercolor paper texture. The Mac Mini Computer needs to be installed on the top or bottom of the wall system. It is not integrated in the frame. As a supply line for the frame, there is a cable channel for power, HDMI and USB cables. Each painting frame of the edition is a unique piece and have its integrated Samsung 22“ DB22D flatscreen.

About the artist
Michel Winterberg, 1972 lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. As a media artist, he works with interactive video and sound installations, mixed media and animatronic elements. He also makes electronic music performances, like Symbiotic Distortion. An important part of the work of Michel Winterberg is to involve the viewer in the artwork actively. The focus is on the use of interactive technologies with an artistic debate as well as a critical and humorous view towards media technology and its use in society. He graduated from the University of Applied Science and Arts, Bachelor of Arts IHW, HGK FHNW and Federally Certified Electromechanic in Switzerland.
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