Sunset, Larissa Strunowa-Lübke - T.O.E. Art Market
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Sunset, Larissa Strunowa-Lübke - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Larissa Strunowa-Lübke

Represented by: RadoArt Gallery
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Shipped from London, Germany
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Packaged in cardboard box

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Oil on canvas 2020
cm 120x120x2
Price 6300 €

About the artwork
Due to the unique and specific oil colours and the unique painting style that Larissa developed while studying art, her painting gathers a uniqueness that cannot be replicated.

About the artist
Larissa Strunowa-Lübke is a contemporary German-based painter. Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia, she studied stage design in Moscow and worked from 1983 to 1986 as a set designer, interior designer and commercial artist. Since 1987 she has been working as a full-time independent artist in Russia, Poland and Germany. She now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Larissa exhibited internationally in Russia, German and Poland as is a member of various German artists associations.
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