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Sotto la luna, Ciro Palumbo - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Ciro Palumbo

Represented by: Galleria GALP
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Shipped from Olgiate Comasco, Italy
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Sotto la luna
Oil on canvas
cm 120x70x4

About the artwork
In Ciro Palumbo’s artworks the metaphysical inspiration is expressed in an imaginative and surreal way, in a set of figural elements that do not lead to precise meanings. The artist plays a plastic and visionary game of presence, which explicitly reveals a consonance with Giorgio De Chirico and Alberto Savinio. From the first, Palumbo inherited the beautiful pictorial draft, the geometric sense of the spatial structure; from the second the curious way of portraying images, in a deliberate and well-calculated game of contradictions. But in his way of conceiving pictorial art, the artist also reveals his devotion to the masters of the Renaissance tradition, when artistic creation responded to laws of perspective and studied compositions. His is a meditated and coherent path in search of the subtle links that connect classical art to modernity: given his stylistic elegance, he does not seem to belong to our present, and yet the conceptual quality of his thematic and visual research is to be emphasized, the context in which it takes place is fulled in emotionality and a totally contemporary sensitivity. The backgrounds of Palumbo's paintings contrast with the uniform and aseptic chromatic masses, which characterize the objects in the foreground, which follow a different tonal line made of overlapping colors. From these backgrounds we can see how Palumbo also followed the technical lesson of the Informal. The emptiness and total absence of Humans in his paintings sometimes open up to play, insinuating the malice of a theater, a boat, a Pinocchio, a ball, an illusionist's hat. In all this there is perhaps an evocation of childhood as a magical moment of truth, an archaic world wiser and easier to understand, a world linked to the cycles of nature of which only the archetypal images of our dreams remain.

About the artist
Ciro Palumbo was born in 1965 in Zurich and now lives and works in Turin. His artistic career is rich and eclectic: he takes inspiration from the poetics of Giorgio De Chirico and Alberto Savinio’s School of Metaphysics, re-elaborating it according to a completely personal and original interpretation.The unique artworks of Ciro Palumbo are animated by objects and subjects that represent dreamlike symbols, they are the theater of his aesthetics, resolved in the combination of traditional technique and contemporary virtuosity. The landscapes he represents, characterized by a fantastic, imaginary and visionary atmosphere, are the result of a meticulously designed study, capable of showing us his skills in combining the observation of reality with imaginary traits coming from memory. For these reasons, the artist is one of the surrealist painters most appreciated by the public and critics. Palumbo first approached the art world working for several years as an Art Director in advertising agencies in Turin, where he discovers and expands his visual and compositional skills. However, it is thanks to an experience in a modern art workshop and the knowledge of some contemporary masters that he dedicates himself to oil painting with glazing. He began his exhibition activity in 1994 and since then he has appeared with a hundred personal exhibitions throughout Italy. In 2011 he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale, for the Piemonte Pavilion. Among the international exhibitions, the presence at the Artexpo in New York, at the Context Art in Miami, the solo exhibitions in Providence (USA) and in Switzerland in Bellinzona are worth mentioning. The growing interest in Palumbo's work means that his works are on sale at rising prices.
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