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Ruin #2, Liviu Bulea - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Drawing

Liviu Bulea

Represented by: IAGA Contemporary Art
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Shipped from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Shipping costs: 70 € local, 180 € international

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Ruin #2
Cement, acrylic, spray and pencil on plasterboard, 2017
cm 70x100x2

About the artwork
Exposition: -#808080, 2017, IAGA Contemporary Art - Cluj Napoca (Romania) Publication: -#808080, IAGA Contemporary Art, pag. 21

About the artist
Liviu Bulea is a young independent artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He exhibited at Iaga Contemporary Art, Cluj-Napoca(2017); Shelter Club, Amsterdam(2017); MORA Gallery, Bucharest(2017); National Art Museum Constanta (2017); Parallel Vienna, Austria(2016); Visual Kontakt Gallery(2017-2018), Cluj-Napoca; He took part in the following residencies: Kultur Kontakt Austria Residency in Vienna(2016); and he was invited to be part of Styria-Artist-in-Residence in Graz, Austria in 2018. In 2018 took part in Bucharest Biennale 8. In 2017 he had lectures in Bucharest at Artcube and in Cluj at Univeristy of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca and in 2018 he was invited at the photo department in Cluj for a lecture. Liviu’s work concentrates on social issues, human behavior, gender and sexuality topics, and also on the way mass media affects our society. He transposes his visual research through installation art, ready-made, photography, text and drawing, engaging to bring the feelings, the struggle and the memory of space and people in front of his audience.
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