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Road house, Ulpiano Carasco - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Ulpiano Carasco

Represented by: RadoArt Gallery
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Shipped from London, Spain
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Packaged in cardboard box

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Road house
cm 80x80x3
Price 3000 €

About the artwork
"I put all my efforts to make a colour like a violet star in the landscape. I have had to dissect every inch of the work with shades and fillings to get the perspective to reproduce a complete sense of oxygenated space. When the vapours and matter are worked deeply, a visible and touchable painting is created, I think this piece is a good example of what I say"(Ulpiano Carrasco).

About the artist
Ulpiano Carrasco, Cuenca, is a Spanish painter and sculptor born in 1961. His first steps on painting were carried out in the school of his town at the age of six and it will be a constant until today. In general terms, his work is grouped into series, mainly: La Mancha l, Salamanca, La Mancha ll, Figure, Landscape, Situations, Fractals, Maps and Symbols. He had his first solo exhibition in Albacete in 1985. He exhibited on behalf of Spain until in 1994 he participated for the first time in Artesantander. There, and after six consecutive years participating, his name became known in the Spanish art scene. He then travelled through Italy, France, England, the Middle East and the United States. In 1999 his work was shown in Paris, New York and Singapore by the Opera Gallery. Today his work is regularly exhibited in Spain, France, England, Belgium, New York, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Monaco, Dubai and Geneva. His work is represented in the museums of Contemporary Art of Toledo; Caja de Navarra Foundation, Pamplona; Caja Madrid Foundation, Madrid; Banco CCM Foundation, Cuenca; Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid; Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca; Pinilla Crespo Foundation, Cáceres; Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella (Málaga); Gregorio Prieto Foundation, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real); Grupo Estévez Collection, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) ...
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