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Reflect, Luanna Flammia - T.O.E. Art Market

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Luanna Flammia
United Kingdom

Rappresentato da: RadoArt Gallery
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Spedito da London, United Kingdom
Costi spedizione: 80 € internazionale

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Mixed media, silver leaf on canvas/2021
cm 76x101x4
Prezzo 2100 €

About the artwork
Luanna aims to evoke the same sensation of freedom, exploration and life beyond the distance, recreating monumental aspects of nature. Luanna uses mixed media on canvas to evoke depth, transparency and perspective. She has mastered her signature technique of layering both vertically and horizontally creating both balance and range. The use of 24ct gold and silver leaf which are embellished on all her paintings, enhance these levels of perspectives whilst creating space and light. Often referenced to landscape connotations.

About the artist
Luanna Flammia is a Contemporary artist who lives and works between London and Bedfordshire. Luanna combines mixed media on canvas to create vivid abstract forms, often interpreted as landscape connotations. The popular artist is known for her use of Silver leaf and 24crt gold submerged onto and beneath layers. Originating from a small village on Naples' outskirts, her Mediterranean palette references her Italian culture whilst her paintings are rooted in connections within different types of relationships. A deeply personal and uncompromising commitment to the art of painting leaves the mind not to dwell on the past, but to share light on a previous experience. Luanna is currently represented by Hatch Limited and Rado Art, and has Private collections around the world, including France, India and America to name a few. Exhibitions/Fairs Olde Watermill Antiques Centre & Millers Place Fair, Bedford 2021 Bedford Flea Affordable Art and local Produce Fair, Bedford 2021 Sound and Vision Exhibition in collaboration with Mind Charity, London 2020. Winter Salon, International Art Events, Strasbourg, 2018 Travers Smith CSR Programme finalist exhibition, St Pauls London 2017 Edinburgh Art Fair (EAF), 508 Gallery, Scotland 2016 Contemporary Colour Group Exhibition, 508 Gallery, London UK 2016 Chrysalis Exhibition, Ambika Gallery, London 2016 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring, London 2022 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, London 2022 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2022 Education BA (Hons) in Mixed Fine Art University of Westminster 2014 - 2016 Higher National Diploma in Fine Art. Bedford College 2013 - 2014 Collaborations include Hatch Limited Editions, House and Gardens, Gautier, Ethereal Home Decor, The Lewis Foundation
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