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Realidades, JOSÉ LUIS MORENO GÁMEZ - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography


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Shipped from Torrox (Málaga), Spain
Shipping costs: 30 € local, 50 € international

Packaged in cardboard box

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2019 / Digital image printed with pigmented inks on 100% cotton paper
cm 46x60
Price 600 €

About the artwork
“Y_sola” it is a photographic project by José Luis Moreno Gámez (Málaga, Spain, 1970). Loneliness, emptiness, history, art, culture: all these words describe Venice. This project seeks to reflect on this city, question its present, look at it face to face and show how we are turning it off together. Tourism has reached such heights that it is dying of success. Its inhabitants leave the city, its history, its art and go to more comfortable, cheaper places, “Y_sola” Venice cannot stay because we would lose part of the history of Humanity. Limited series of 10 copies + 1 AP

About the artist
José Luis Moreno Gámez (Málaga, Spain, 1970). Possessor of a solid formation in 2008 he obtained the title of Expert in Photography and Visual Arts at the University of Elche, in 2010 that of Expert in Contemporary Photography, in 2014 the title of Expert in photographic projects through the Cienojos course at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia. In 2016 he strengthened his photographic narrative with the Visual Writing Course, taught by the Fuentetaja School in la Térmica (Málaga).
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