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Rabbit Chili, Nora Blazeviciute - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Sculpture

Nora Blazeviciute
United Kingdom

Represented by: RadoArt Gallery
Views: 263

Shipped from London, United Kingdom

Packaged in cardboard box

Rabbit Chili
Ceramics /2021
cm 37x14x23

About the artwork
The artist never created socially engaged art. One of the main motives of her works are animals: hares, crows, chickens, rabbits. All of them are subtly characterised and individual. The author's aim to create "warm" things makes animals and birds the humanized beings, full of erotic charm and hidden, only intuitively felt sexual energy. All of them, like people, have their personal characters and secret wishes.

About the artist
Nora Blazeviciute is a Lithuanian contemporary ceramic artist. Nora‘s original spontaneous style and her witty perception of life capture the attention of spectators and critics alike. Nora's creative career developed in the midst of Lithuania's emergence in conceptual ceramics, parallel to international movements of that time. She not only actively joined the movement but also became one of its leaders, enriching Lithuanian ceramics with original images and expressive, spontaneous forms. Nora‘s ceramics serve all purposes – it preserves the features of the objects used and at the same time manifests itself as free, unrestricted art. The artist seems to assert that all the works created by human hand can find their application, and she finds a home for her ceramic sculptures in an exhibition hall, a shop window, a private or public interior.
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