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Posh fishing, Hana Rajkovic - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Drawing

Hana Rajkovic

Represented by: Gallery Prototip
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Shipped from Belgrade, Serbia
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Posh fishing
pencil on paper / 2015
cm 60x80

About the artwork
“ This painter appeared on the exhibiting scene and drew instant attention with her large format drawings, whose harshness came mostly from the use of pencil or charcoal on paper. Even then Rajkovic’s attention to detail was exceptional. The extraordinary balanced energy of her drawing impulse produces images of places empty of humans, but where series of objects, or installations of objects, appear in an unlikely and often humorous fashion…. On a closer look, these large format drawings reveal that repetition of elements forms a structure similar to those points in time and space where primal social ideas strayed away from their course. These are the places of repression in which traumas await those who attempt to use the lamps, beds, or chairs, to sleep or interact inside these barbed wire walls….

About the artist
Hana Rajkovic born on 21.08.1977. in Belgrade. In 2002. graduated fine arts painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade and earned herself masters degree in fine arts at the same faculty in 2006. For the last 18 years she has explored drawing as a main art discipline using basic drawing tools such as graphite pencils. She lived for many years in Brisbane, Australia and has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions world-wide. She has been granted with several drawing awards and special mentions in Australia, U.S.A. and Europe. Currently lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.
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