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Orange, Larissa Strunowa-Lübke - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Larissa Strunowa-Lübke

Represented by: RadoArt Gallery
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Shipped from London, Germany
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Packaged in cardboard tube

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Oil on canvas 2020
cm 130x100x2
Price 7000 €

About the artwork
There have been human beings before, there will be human beings when we are gone – merely the feelings of human beings are existing for centuries. The man comes as naked as he goes. In fine art, the body is the optimal expression for unaltered feelings. Much purer than the spoken word. With this pure presentation, you can show feelings, thoughts and visions. Without a disguise, the human being has no option but, to be honest, and open due to his lack of opportunity to hide something. My works are telling very different stories, always in the great limitless room between deep sadness and great happiness. The returning main motive is the coming and going, the circle of the genesis and decay, by removing the old to create something new. Between birth and death lies the fullness of life with the circling questions: the growing up, the temptation, the freedom, the motherhood, the capability of relinquishment. These are my own, very personal feelings, that find their expression in my paintings, otherwise, they obsess a general validity all around the world. I am a part of humanity; I am feeling the same intensity of life as everyone else. The process of creating is a dialogue, the clarification of one question between me and something bigger. The completed picture is then an answer to ageless questions. Often there are a bunch of pictures that engage with one question. In a constant format they reflect similar, but different aspects of emotions. The individual works are only fragments of the whole.

About the artist
Larissa Strunowa-Lübke is a contemporary German-based painter. Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia, she studied stage design in Moscow and worked from 1983 to 1986 as a set designer, interior designer and commercial artist. Since 1987 she has been working as a full-time independent artist in Russia, Poland and Germany. She now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Larissa exhibited internationally in Russia, German and Poland as is a member of various German artists associations.
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