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Nzumbe - embroidered edition, Camilla Alberti - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Limited Edition

Camilla Alberti

Represented by: IPERCUBO
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Shipped from Milan, Italy
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Nzumbe - embroidered edition
Rayon thread, black lycra fabric, 5 colours / 2021
cm 30x30
Price 450 €

About the artwork
Nzumbe series re-elaborates the memory of a marshy pond, the last fragment of nature the artist experienced before the beginning of the restrictive measures against Covid-19. At a time in which the intimate space of the house becomes an adversary and the perception of time turns more and more into alienation, painting, the medium in from which this series has been originally stemmed, has been Alberti's daily ritual to react by inscribing every action in a temporal flow that is not accelerated, but synchronous to the world. The swamp is the symbol of this synchrony, where everything seems motionless because it happens outside of human time. An apparent staticity in which hides a complex ecosystem that continuously regenerates death with life. A space where the earth is deep and the hybridisation is necessary. A habitat suitable for the Chthonic creatures that D. Haraway tells us about in Chthulucene. Ancient “monsters”, interspecies hybrids carrying a different way of being at the world; now more useful than ever.

About the artist
Camilla Alberti (Milan 1994) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. Her research examines the ways in which space is conceptually, socially and phenomenologically produced, considers multiple thematic registers ranging from landscape to architecture, looking also at the relationship between different living species. She received her BA in Visual Arts at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan), where she is now also attending the two-year MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies. Since 2017 she is part of the roaster of artists of the curatorial research platform ECCENTRIC Art & Research in Milan. Among her exhibitions are worth mentioning: Incontro # 10 The Imagined Subject at Adolfo Pini Foundation (2017); Window Project at Spazio 22, curated by ECCENTRIC Art & Research (2017), Questions on the Living curated by Gabriela Galati at aA29 Project Room Milan (2018), all group exhibitions held in the city of Milan. One of her latest installations was presented in the Swamp School Project by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas in the Lithuanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2018). Selected among the finalist artists of the States of Mind Award, her Regression project was exhibited at Palazzo Valmanara Braga in Vicenza (2019).
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