Landscape #2, Friedrich Malina - T.O.E. Art Market
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Landscape #2, Friedrich Malina - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Friedrich Malina

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Landscape #2
Experimental photography / 2020
cm 70x100x3
Price 2400 €

Lives and works in Friesland, Germany, Education: University of Cologne / Bonn / Duisburg. The intention of my work is to generate new, unknown viewing habits and perspectives of image content. Here, the visual design takes place through the transformation and modulation of forms, through the process-like change of found forms. Statement: "Process-like abstractions of figurative image motifs are created in numerous, extensive intermediate steps. The medium of the starting material is own painting, graphic and photography fragments. In a workflow, from the processing of newly created graphic-photography-painting fragments to reinterpretation in the subsequent digital process development, new shapes, color spaces and design features are created. In the context of perpetual change and many years of experience in fine art photography, "fusions" of painting / graphics and photography arise here. My way of working on the subject of 'changes' can vary a lot, i.e. the design can range from photographic, graphic and / or collage-emphasized to painting techniques, or a combination of the above. " Numerous exhibitions accompany Friedrich Malina's artistic path, among others in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, USA, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France. Friedrich Malina's works of art have received numerous international Awards (Extract)" : 2021 'Recommended Artist' at the Jury Premio Combat Prize (Italy); 2020 Award Winner "Artist of the Future" at ContemporaryArtCuratorMagazine (USA); 2020 Contest : Finalist-Award at CFA - Circle-Art (Lyon/France); 2020, 3 Contests : 3 x Merit Award at ArtRoomGallery (USA); 2020 Contest : Merit Award at GreyCubeGallery (USA); 2020, 3 Contests : 3 x Award Winner at Artavita (USA); 2020 Finalist Award at 'Artist of the Year - Award 2019' at CFA - 'Circle-Art' (Lyon/France); 2020, '2nd Chance Prize' at 'PalmArt Award 2020' (Germany); 2021 Nominated at 'Global Art Awards 2021' (Tokyo/Japan) ........
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