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La Scissione, Judit Flamich - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Judit Flamich

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La Scissione
oil on canvas / 2022
cm 50x60
Price 1800 €

A depiction of a physical, as well as psychological in-between state. The location of the Villa Adriana offers a glimpse into the eternally complex, yet finite nature of human history. One transcends into the majestic monument’s past through the ruins that remain. The once lively court, now a shell of its former glory, is yet given another breath of life thanks to the complex’s evergreen olive trees and visitors This evokes the onerous artistic condition, which juxtaposes the ‘imposter’ syndrome, and the social and representational anxiety. Being aware of the impermanence of one’s own existence, allows the artist’s vision to be transmitted past a single lifetime. The ghost-like figure within the shell of the olive-tree, nervously grips its paintbrush. For the figure, this instrument represents the possibility of immortality, before being engulfed in the frame of the tree In the background, across a diagonal axis of the ancient pool, a tiny, nude figure is in flight. This contrasts with the .. Meanwhile, a tiny nude figure is on the flight. Back turned to the hiding artist in distress, they run, leaving everything behind. As a deeply personal piece, this painting houses a cacophony of emotions, relating to both private as well as artistic problems.