Kilpisjärvellä (in Kilpisjärvi) / Planetarium Still Series #19, Axel Straschnoy - T.O.E. Art Market
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Kilpisjärvellä (in Kilpisjärvi) / Planetarium Still Series #19, Axel Straschnoy - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Limited Edition

Axel Straschnoy

Represented by: IPERCUBO
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Kilpisjärvellä (in Kilpisjärvi) / Planetarium Still Series #19
Framed inkjet print / 2012
cm 100x100
Price 6000 €

About the artwork
Planetarium Film (2011-2012) revolves around Kislpisjärvellä, a movie developed to be projected in planetariums. It narrates the history of two Argentine explorers who enter one of the most nordic corners of the world, Kilpisjärvi (Laponia), where they faced harsh climates and unihabitable land with the sinlge objective of capturing one of the most sublime phenomena of nature: the nothern lights. The film has an extremely simple narrative structure, ranging from human scale to macrocosm: the video shows the artists walking in the snow, chopping, washing the plates in a hole of water in the ice, putting up the tent, cooking in a shelter, getting farther away from civilization. Each night they point the camera up at the sky to capture the nothern lights should they apear. The frame is marked by the ground and pragmatism: it is the best view that can be obtained in the zone where they will pass the night to document the lights that will be projected in a fulldome format. The movie was filmed in time lapsed and in 360º that eliminates what is behind the camera or what is out of frame, working with a device that captures everything. In this way, the movie is also the process of filming a movie. Inspired by nineteenth-century scientific research, such in the technical research of photography and film use, as for the expeditions to the ends of the earth, this work forms a part of a project of investigation much larger that explores the planetarium as architectural style, representation and machine mode.

About the artist
Axel Straschnoy is a visual artist from Buenos Aires based in Helsinki. His long-term and research focused projects include Kilpisjärvellä (2011-12) a planetarium film on exploration in northern Lapland under the Northern Lights (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam), La Figure de la Terre (2014) a short film based on the book The Figure of the Earth by 18th century French mathematician and explorer Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis (Galería del Infinito, Buenos Aires; Museo del Cine, Buenos Aires) and the lecture-performance series, Notes on the Double Agent (2013-ongoing). For Neomylodon Listai Ameghino (2015), he has followed the Neomylodon’s trail back to its cave in Last Hope Sound, Southern Chilean Patagonia, and is in the midst of a multi-part, traveling exhibition to bring the Neomylodon’s remains back together one hundred and twenty years since its discovery (Galleria Augusta, Helsinki; Evolutionsmuseet, Uppsala). Other recent exhibitions and screenings include, Emerging Media Artists 2014, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, Opening Archive, Ateneum Museum Library, Helsinki (2013), Fulldome Festival, Zeiss Planetarium, Jena, Flaherty Seminar, Colgate University, Hamilton and Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne. Straschnoy has participated in Le Pavillon residency at Palais de Tokyo (2008-09) and trained in Art History at University of Buenos Aires.
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