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Kalachakra/Galaxy 2, Silvia Inselvini - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Silvia Inselvini

Represented by: IAGA Contemporary Art
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Shipped from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Shipping costs: 70 € local, 180 € international

Packaged in cardboard box

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Kalachakra/Galaxy 2
Thread on rope, 75 cm Ø, 2019
cm 75x75

About the artist
Silvia Inselvini is a young Italian artist, born in Brescia (Italy), in 1987. She took her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Visual Arts, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Santagiulia, in Brescia, where she lives and works. She exhibited at several galleries and museums, such as: PoliArt Contemporary, Milan (2020); Iaga Contemporary Art, Cluj-Napoca( in 2017 and 2019 with solo shows);Art Museum Cluj-Napoca (2018); Marignana Arte, Venice(2018); Spazio Morris, Milan (2011). In 2015 she took part in Biennale Giovani Monza. During the years she took part in various art prizes, such as Arteam Cup 2019, Premio Combat X edition, Premio Arti Visive San Fedele. Silvia Inselvini works on themes like processuality and time and she develops her visual research through installation art, drawings, wall sculptures and three-dimensional works made out of paper, fabrics and threads.
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