IN THE SHADOW OF JUNG N°7, Lele De Bonis - T.O.E. Art Market
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IN THE SHADOW OF JUNG N°7, Lele De Bonis - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Drawing

Lele De Bonis

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Shipped from TORINO, Italy
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Packaged in wooden box

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pittura /2022
cm 122x101x11
Price 2100 €

This series of works deal with the concept of "shadow" in Carl Gustav Jung's thought according to which every man hides lights and shadows within himself and it is the latter that constitute the set of unacceptable things that each of us tries to hide from other. Light and shadow are therefore considered as metaphors of good and evil. The acceptance of the latter helps man to circumscribe and give greater shape to himself. in these works, the artist therefore tries to represent, through the use of three-dimensional forms with their own shadow projections, this continuous contrast between good and evil that each of us hides in our underwear. the work is made on a wooden support on which a block of sculpted wood covered in aluminum has been assembled. Using a lamp, the artist projected the shadow of the sculpture onto the panel. That shade was then painted over. in this case the shadows are multiple, as are the aspects of our being.