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In the Middle of the Labyrinth, Daniele Zoico - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Sculpture

Daniele Zoico

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Shipped from Venice, Italy
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In the Middle of the Labyrinth
2019 - ongoing
cm 17x17
Price 1250 €

This is one of the only recordings I have of my dad's voice as he reads a passage from 'Lessico familiare' by Natalia Ginzburg. This recording dates back to 2011, when I was working on a film and involved my family in reading various texts; I never used it. After eight years, I wanted to press this recording onto vinyl, then make a copy and a mold with silicone rubber. From this mold, an epoxy resin copy was obtained, the original disc was destroyed, and thus the initial recording. The grooves of the vinyl and the recording transferred to the silicone rubber and then again to the resin. In this copying process, what was inscribed on the original disc changed and, while relating to its origin, acquired a new identity. There are two types of labyrinths, in English the words to define them are maze and labyrinth: the idea of a maze is close to a romantic experience of simply losing oneself, while the labyrinth is a path leading only to the center, a journey to find oneself. The former is where choice is fundamental, not just this way or that way but the possibility of standing still or turning back; the latter is where the choice is made beforehand to follow the labyrinth. An archetype of the labyrinth is the Archimedean spiral, the same shape that constitutes the groove of a vinyl record. From time to time, I changed the disc to bring out the variations between one copy and another: the first versions were more faithful to the original, the others increasingly distant from the original sound. Like a software that is read and "runs" within hardware, the action seeks to reproduce the recording in a continuous solution, allowing the device to emit the sounds transferred into the grooves of the disc, avoiding the loops produced in the copying process that would have forced the needle to retrace the same groove, with no way out. An attempt to make audible the "rest," what remains of the original recording and how much the matrix has changed, as it reproduced one copy after another, losing more and more of the original marks and grooves. Series of 50, each pieced dated and numbered, this specimen is black and numbered around the hole 12 - 2021