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Im Traum (In a dream), Steve Bauer - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Steve Bauer

Represented by: LDXArtodrome Gallery
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Im Traum (In a dream)
oil, acrylic on canvas, 2017
cm 200x200x3

About the artist
Steve Bauer was born in Leipzig on 13 March 1981. He is a freelance artist and illustrator with a company of his own which he founded in 2004. Steve Bauer´s large format art works are technically based on classical figurative drawings. However, during the work process, he integrates various other technical means and forms. He focuses on monochrome works – especially black and white paintings with finely tuned gray tones. Until 2016, he had mainly worked in acrylics, but since then he has also discovered for himself oil colors and other techniques such as airbrush or collages with relief-like surfaces. His works reflect themes of everyday life, encounters, personal experiences as well as society. Such topics usually mirror the artist´s self-understanding to play a certain role in society, i.e. to recall important value and norm concepts and bring them into the awareness of people. Steve Bauer´s works could be perhaps best characterized by the term “painted theme-collages”, as he always tries to find the most succinct and typical elements of a theme and unites them in a very direct but profound manner in just one single, unforgettable image. His theme-images could therefore be compared to embossers or stamps the contents of which depict typical phenomena of our times.
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