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Il fiume, Nicola Vinci - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Photography

Nicola Vinci

Represented by: IAGA Contemporary Art
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Shipped from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Shipping costs: 70 € local, 180 € international

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Il fiume
True giclée print on 315 gr 100% Baryta cotton paper mounted on 3 mm Dibond, 2011
cm 100x160

About the artwork

About the artist
Nicola Vinci is an Italian photographer born in Castellaneta (Taranto, Italy) on the 22th January, 1975, and based in Verona. Nicola Vinci got his Degree in 2001 in Visual Arts, Painting, from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bari, Italy. Nicola Vinci has always worked focusing his attention on the elements that characterize the drama that always embraced our existence. These elements help the artist to look for answers to different "why?”. Recently the artist has placed his attention in the places and objects that speak and leave traces of our present which becomes, through them, the past . The object, through the mediation of space, is the intermediary of our existence and it, in education and training, plays a key role in our emotional development. In humans, the object and the space identify the limits of existence. The photographer thinks that the object lives the daily connection and coexists in close relationship with the past. The traces of the rooms, the wounds of the walls, the tearing of the wall papers, are all signs of experiences that go, stories that are told and the events that follow one another, leaving the marks of their presence through the places and objects. Everything passes, time is running, that’s why Nicola Vinci tries to pick up these signs that are telling lives and whispering secrets, in such a way that the photography becomes a porthole to imagine travels, stories, tales, which look to provide answers.
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