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Frame the Fresh, Philipp Haenger - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Limited Edition

Philipp Haenger

Represented by: a-space
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Shipped from Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Shipping costs: 70 € international

Packaged in cardboard box

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Frame the Fresh
Archival pigment print, inkjet / 2020
cm 50x70
Price 900 €

About the artwork
Archival pigment print, inkjet Canson Baryta Photographic, 310g/m2 50 x 70cm (Signed, unframed) Edition of 20 + 2 EA

About the artist
Philipp Hänger (1982* Basel) is blending and layering the pre-existing the newly created contents and images, allowing a process of birth for countless narratives, whose strands branch out on all sides, at all times. An incessant chain of consequence and inception is spawned between the unforeseeable and the purposeful. His work is an ongoing entropic action, which refuses to accept the border between order and chaos. It is a portrait of his deepened confrontation with the self and his own work as an artist, in a world of simultaneity and all-out connectedness. Welcome to the hyperlink.
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