Fiore assente con gesto ludico, Minamoto No Yoshitsune (vittoria nella sconfitta), Albano Morandi - T.O.E. Art Market
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Fiore assente con gesto ludico, Minamoto No Yoshitsune (vittoria nella sconfitta), Albano Morandi - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Albano Morandi

Represented by: IAGA Contemporary Art
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Shipped from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Packaged in cardboard box

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Fiore assente con gesto ludico, Minamoto No Yoshitsune (vittoria nella sconfitta)
Mixed technique on ready-made, 2022
cm 120x80x3
Price 4000 €

About the artwork
Original Mixed technique on ready-made by Albano Morandi. Not framed. Bubble wrapped, cardboard packed for shipping.

About the artist
Albano Morandi, born in Salò in 1958, lives and works in Raffa di Puegnago del Garda. In 2000, he won the first prize ex aequo of the 40th Suzzara Prize, in which he also participated in 1993 and 2008. In 2007, he participated in the “Defense of Nature Joseph Beuys” collective, one of the side events of the 52nd Venice Biennials. Six personal exhibitions are dedicated to his thirty-year research in 2011, included in the project “PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION”, although each represents different types of works. The exhibitions are located between Brescia and Milan: at the former church of Saints Peter and Marcellino from Cazarma Goito, the former barracks Serafino Gnutti, Galleria delle Battaglie, the Cultural Association of Contemporary Art Maurer Zilioli, Ken Damy Visual Art and Spazio Temporaneo. The artist was dedicated to several travelling exhibitions, such as “Manifesto per un Dadaismo ludico” (“Manifesto for a playful Dadaism”) in Spazio Temporaneo (Milan) and the Calcinatello Civic Centre (Calcinato) in 2006 and the Victoria Art Centre (Bucharest) in 2017; ‘Immagini rubate a memoria’ (‘Images stolen from memory’) in 2017 at Galleria Milano (Milan) and the following year at Galleria Niart (Ravenna); ‘Il Partito preso delle cose’ (‘The Party on Things’) first brought to Palazzo Bertazzoli (Bagnolo Mella) in 2018 and subsequently transferred to Palazzo della Corgna (Città della Pieve) in 2019. In 2017, the first anthology was created at the Vittorio Leonesio Foundation in Puegnago del Garda, and in 2021, a second one was established at Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco Novarino (Brescia) on the occasion of the forty years of its artistic research, entitled "Albano Morandi. There is absolutely nothing unusual here, as far as I can see, yet I burn with curiosity and wonder. Works 1981-2021, which inaugurated the three-year project “Generazione di mezzo”. To date, there are over 150 exhibitions in major European cities, Asia and the United States, in which Albano Morandi’s works participate. His works are part of various public collections, such as: Banca Credito Italiano, Milan; Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Rome; Drawing Civic Collection, Salò; Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bologna; Kunstforum Bassa Atesina, Egna; The Botanical Garden of the University of Studies, Palermo; Collection of Contemporary Drawing, Civic Gallery, Modena; Stadtische Kunsthalle, Mannheim; Drawing center, New York. In addition, from 1984 to today, Morandi was coordinator of the Civic Drawing Collection in Salò and coordinator of exhibitions organised by the Province of Brescia in Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco and the rest of the provincial territory. Until 2021 he was in charge of the Contemporary Art Specialist Service of the Brescia City Hall, and is currently artistic director of the Vittorio Leonesio Foundation in Puegnago del Garda. In 2003, he conceived “Meccaniche della Meraviglia” whose director and curator is still an annual review of contemporary art designed to make known and highlight little but significant places in the Brescia area, through exhibitions of contemporary art spread throughout the territory.
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