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Dea del vino, Davide Dall’Osso - T.O.E. Art Market

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Davide Dall'Osso

Rappresentato da: Galleria GALP
Visualizzazioni: 184

Spedito da Olgiate Comasco, Italy

Imballaggio con imballaggio in cartone

Dea del vino
cm 110x100x90

About the artwork
Dall’Osso’s artworks give us the impression to perpetually move, offering a liquid and metamorphic view that never causes a sense of temporariness, precariousness, uncertainty. His figures shape in front of our eyes, they adapt themselves to our sight but they surrender to the brave ones who will start a perceptive journey into their feelings empire, into a dimension with neither space nor time landmarks. His sculptures always are projected to a defined direction, they always look for the reason of life due to their space organization and relationship with light. They intensify a state of a temporary visual liquidness, in order to accentuate a slow and constant movement. Dall’Osso does not want to explain his artworks, but he encourages the people who share his art to undertake a special journey towards a return to silence, towards the profoundness of events, in order to overcome the chaos and listen to our souls, again. A sort of exploration - lucid and unconscious at the same time.

About the artist
The artist Davide Dall’Osso measured himself with different forms of art, finding his primary form of expression in sculpture. This has led him to deal with national and international realities as regards installations, collaborations and exhibitions. Graduated as a prose actor at the “Civica Scuola d’Arte drammatica Paolo Grassi” in Milan; after his studies he collaborates with the Colombian director Enrique Vargas where he experiments with sculpture as a means of creative expression. In his work as a sculptor, Dall’Osso draws on materials such as polycarbonates and plexiglass, fused into light and dynamic compositions. The sculptor follows the paradigm of the circular economy, which sees waste as a resource capable of embarking on a new path. For this reason, all the works created through the use of plastic polymers use 80% of industrial polycarbonate waste and 100% of industrial plexiglass waste. Together with Maria Vittoria Gozio, the artist founded the Atelier Dall’Osso Snc in 2014, today a small Italian excellence in the field of transforming waste into objects of art and design. The main subjects of the works created by the Dall'Osso Atelier are horses and female figures, emblems of the fury and spirit of the human being: the strength and freedom of the horse represent the drive of contemporary humanity, while the feminine it is a symbol of the creative energy that pervades the universe. The indoor and outdoor sculptures are also made with iron, copper, bronze, resin, iron wire and wire mesh.
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