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Chiamalo come vuoi, Gianfranco Asveri - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Painting

Gianfranco Asveri

Represented by: Galleria GALP
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Shipped from Olgiate Comasco, Italy
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Chiamalo come vuoi
Mixed technique on board
cm 45x30x1

About the artwork
Gianfranco Asveri’s artworks invite the viewer into a parallel world made up of the simplicity and serenity that only a gentle and sensitive soul like his can convey. His artworks are born free from every formal and aesthetic constraint, from every cultural and intellectual claim, and evoke the purity of Art Brut. The paintings grow up feeding on uncontrollable and genuine emotions, like those that rule the way of living of children. In fact, the artist greatly admires the unconfined imagination of children and over time learned to look at the world through their eyes, meaning that he reproduces a reality transformed by fantasy, which permanently leads the dance of appearing animals in his paintings. Animals that are not just a mere subject portrayed, but embody the human essence, primarily childlike. The innocent and colorful vision of children is therefore the heart of his artistic creativity and is why Asveri’s paintings are so charming for us, us who are often lost in suffocating adult rules.

About the artist
Gianfranco Asveri was born in Fiorenzuola d’Arda in 1948 and now lives and works in Gasperini on the Piacenza hills. He did not go to academies or pursue artistic studies of any kind but, after a difficult childhood and adolescence, in 1969 he began to paint, finding a reason for living in art. Gianfranco Asveri at first expressed himself with a traditional figurative language; from the Eighties his painting gesture has become more instinctive and personal, rich in color and matter, close to the expressionism of Art Brut. Representative of a very instinctual and emotional painting style, he uses a strong and primitive gesture, which coexists with other less evident expressive matrices, like the memory of artistic images. With a profound and vital inspiration, Asveri's painting springs from the observation of reality: the animals that the artist raises and cares for, with which he lives and loves above everything, to which he dedicates drawings, paintings and poems.
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