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Anesthesia, Marco Casalena - T.O.E. Art Market

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Original Art for sale | Sculpture

Marco Casalena

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Shipped from Livorno, Italy
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cm 101x52
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"The roots make the soil and the subterranean world a space of spiritual communication. Thanks to them, then, the most solid part of the Earth is transformed into an enormous planetary brain through which matter circulates, along with information on the identity and state of the organisms that populate the surrounding environment." The life of the plants - Emanuele Coccia Taming nature, trying to project any form generating order, has led to a ripple of reality, revealing future scenarios distorted between the landscape and the city. The artwork aims to accentuate the awareness that the landscape is continuously altered and deconstructed of its "primitive soul", at the cost of apparent anthropic regenerations decontextualizing. This lack of sensitivity (anesthesia) towards nature, is manifested in the practical act with the break of the "Wood Wide Web", that is, the underground network of roots that collaborate in the survival of the community and the most private connections with nature. This alteration of the original bond with the earthy belly creates a neutral vocabulary of hybridized natural elements arranged in an orderly manner on a uniform surface, which resets proportions and scale, accentuating an infinitesimal distance and break.