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Alek Slon

Rappresentato da: a-space
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Spedito da Rheinfelden, Poland
Costi spedizione: 50 € internazionale

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Oil on MDF / 2019
cm 50x50x2
Prezzo 2200 €

About the artwork
About the artwork: It was my first trip to Cuba and to a tropical country in general. Arriving at the Jose Marti airport was the first moment I touched the land of the Caribbean, I could breathe its air and see with my eyes the reality that I had dreamed of for so long ...

About the artist
Alek Slon - visual artist and curator. He graduated from the faculty of painting of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and philosophy at the University of Warsaw. He is a co-founder of TA3 Gallery in Warsaw. He creates oil paintings, drawings and multimedia installations. His works reflect human primordial striving for structure. The images he creates are elements of the inner landscape that consists of memories, dreams and desires - a personal mythology.
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