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Bari, Italy

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About the artist
Architectural interior designer and interdisciplinary artist All my works go beyond the purely phenomenal worldly character of expression. They are the product of an individual research that I have been carrying out for more than twenty years, where the direct intuition of the thing itself, that is of the essence, is my only path. Like a hollow bamboo inside, I make space inside myself to listen to what resounds without sound overwhelming the voice of the din, to no longer visit but be visited, especially by silence … Quoting Carlo Sini on J. Derrida: “we cannot say what we have to say because it means that every saying is already a writing, it is already a writing that is originally silent, that has no “arché”, has no beginning; it is rooted in not being able, not wanting, not having to say ". I am interested in the halo of the image, in the impermanence of the structure.