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Budaörs, Hungary

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About the artist
Edina Soós’ art balances on the borderline between non-figurative and abstract mode of representation, it means balancing between concealment and revelation. Her paintings evoke associations of evolution and birth, whether it is the genesis of the universe, the origin of life or the evolvement of a human being. She follows a process-driven creative method, where the subject is not the primary focus. There is a strong emphasis on spontaneity, exploration and varied use of material. Forms evolve intuitively on the canvas, emerging from her subconscious. In the later stages of the creative process, of course, conscious form-making also plays a role. CV: Edina Soós pursued graphic studies at the Graphic Arts Course in Pápa and at Huber István Dési Art School in Budapest, then she visited the Painting Department of Buda Art School for 3 years. She constantly broadens her theoretic and technical knowledge, among others at the Open University of the University of Visual Arts of Hungary, as well as at the online courses of The Museum of Modern Art, NY. She was selected as first prize winner of Itsliquid International Contest 13th Edition (2023), finalist of Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art 22/23, Special Prize winner of Globaltalent Artprize in 2022 and Merit Prize winner ’Category Abstract’ of Art Show International in 2021. MAJOR EXHIBITIONS: Borders Art Fair - Group exhibitions at Itsliquid Art Space in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy, May-August, 2023 The 1st Catalogue Exhibition of ArtsCap Hungary – Group exhibition at Golden Duck Gallery Budapest, Hungary, April 2023 Yicca Art Prize 22/23 - Group exhibition at 28 Piazza Di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Rome, Italy, January 2023 Subvisible - Single exhibition at Új Galéria, Budapest, Hungary, August 2022 Almost weightless - Single exhibition at BBBKultPont, Budapest, Hungary, December 2021