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Ca San

Milano, Italy

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About the artist
Born in Naples on October 12, 1959 and for years living in Tuscany, he attended many art ateliers, a great admirer of art and an attentive observer of new techniques and new ways of expression. My inspiration is always my thoughts and what constitutes my dream world. I am a very introverted person who has my own world inside and it is within me, along with my surroundings in the world, that I find my inspiration. On a conceptual level, it is a new way of understanding and enjoying art, primarily digital. A crypto work represents much more than just a market trend, it is a real revolution in the art sector. Crypto art encompasses several distinct stylistic genres and therefore cannot be associated with a single aesthetic movement. When I want to create a work I always start with an image that means something to me and develop a story from there. Therefore each piece has an extremely deep meaning.