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Elisa Muscatelli

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About the curator
Elisa Muscatelli. I am an Italian independent curator of contemporary art and writer and I work between Bergamo and Milan. I had a Bachelor Degree in Artistic Design for Industries, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano, and after some experience in the fields of art (independent spaces, galleries, international brands) I decided to concentrate my attention on contemporary art. I attend MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan, I work with the artist Yuval Avital, Milan and I have been collaborating for years with the association The Blank Contemporary Art directed by Stefano Raimondi, playing the role of assistant coordinator and project manager of TB BOARD (interview with different contemporary artist). Since a year I’m in the direction of Büro, a space in the city of Bergamo with the aim of giving visibility to emerging artists. The first contemporary artist I approached was Damien Hirst. I was a teenager in London and found myself from Shakespeare's Globe to a gallery full of formaldehyde cubes and animals. The medium, the aura, the concept, the sacred mystery, the aestheticization of death, and the economic impact. Contemporary art is fascinated by its complexity and for being able to summarize many contradictions and imperatives. I don't have a defined curatorial research, but rather an ethereal path made of many questions. I have a certain sensitivity for art that investigates contemporary issues without falling into the banality of preconceptions. I believe in the silent and democratic language of art, and I also believe in the importance of the formal fetish. Why collecting? Because people often pretend to listen, but they only want to give answers, instead the works are silent, they don't give us answers, but they pose us a new question. More about me? My crushes: The Arabian Nights, Federico Fellini, Matthew Barney, Susan Sontag and Philip K. Dick